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About NACD Colorado

NACD Colorado Chapter serves directors surrounding the Denver, Colorado metro and Rocky Mountain areas, including Boulder, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Wyoming.  Join local corporate directors for exceptional educational programs and peer-to-peer interaction.  We offer the following to our members:

Programs: Eight (8) evening educational programs per year with current director-related topics that also include a time to network with peers. 

Roundtables: Invitation only roundtable programs tailored to member directors who currently serve on specific Board Committees (e.g., Audit, Comp, Nom/Gov). There are approximately eight (8) Roundtable sessions held annually and the sessions are organized as small gatherings where directors can contribute and learn from peers. Upcoming 2017 Roundtable programs will be held in February, March, April, June and August.  For more information about attending and participation requirements, please send an email to

Annual Appreciation Event: Our Annual Member Appreciation Event is an opportunity to thank our members for your support of NACD CO.

NACD Colorado Chapter News


We were pleased to welcome Rick Ambrose, Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin Space Systems, for a rare fireside chat on November 17. Rick is also Chairman of United Launch Alliance (ULA), a joint venture formed in 2006 with The Boeing Company to provide space launch services.

Below are the top takeaways from the evening:

  • The board and senior management need to establish clarity on the foundational elements of values and culture. At Lockheed Martin, the commitment to ethics is companywide. The company’s values are: “Do What’s Right, Respect Others and Perform with Excellence.”
  • As a 105-year-old company, Lockheed Martin has a track record in adapting to changes in employee composition. Today, the “megatrends” affecting the workforce are recognized as a significant impact on how employees relate with each other and within the company. Lockheed Martin is focused on creating a culture of inclusion as one component of a successful long-term talent strategy.
  • Boards must have a thorough understanding of their company’s business model and industry context – including current conditions and emerging trends. At Lockheed Martin, the space sector is undergoing a dynamic period of change. Competitive pressures are increasing through new business models, technology adaptation and an influx of more than 900 new companies in recent years. Directors, in today’s business environment, must have significant fluency regarding industry dynamics.
  • Disruption and intense competition are part of the aerospace business climate. It is important for companies to maintain a direct connection between short-term viability and long-term value creation.The board’s role is to ensure that this alignment is well established and clearly articulated by management. The Lockheed Martin approach in this competitive environment has been to confront the status quo. Decisions include creating Geoshare and United Launch Alliance, acquiring Zeta Associates, increasing its ownership of AWE Management Limited, making more than $1 billion in investments, pursuing international partnerships, and dreaming big (think Mars).
  • Boards and management are ideally positioned to keep their business evolving by aligning strategy with future exponential change. At Lockheed Martin, the strategy to a sustained competitive advantage is to “Secure the Core, Reposition for Next Gen Missions, and Grow.”
  • A company’s purpose is the driving force that enables the business to define its true brand and create its desired culture. Lockheed Martin Space’s purpose is – We inspire, protect and connect the world through exploration and innovation.


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